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Electropolishing of Stainless-Steel Products

Automatic electropolishing plant with manual plant in front

With this material erosive, electrolytical process unevenness on the surface of the metal can be levelled out and sharp edges deburred; in addition, semi-gloss to chromium-like glossy surfaces can be attained. In the production hall, commissioned in October 1998, a fully-automatic plant for electropolishing and also a manual plant for complex items, which require treatment with internal electrodes, were installed. The plants provide a surface quality, which is suitable for items for clean-room assembly.

As a rule, stainless-steel products with a content as of 8% nickel and 15% chromium can be treated accordingly.(e.g. material no. 1.4301-X5 CrNi 1810 or 1.4571-X6 CrNiMoTi 17122).

Depending on the required surface quality, it may be necessary to precision-grind and/or brush the parts as preliminary treatment.

Maximum workable size of item in mm
  Length Width Height
1000 500 700
Automatic electro-
polishing plant
2500 500 1000

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