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Tube Connector for ø48.3

Tube Connectors RV

Chill casting of high-grade aluminium alloy in accordance with DIN 1725.

Supply range:
The tube connectors are supplied with bolts and sockets nuts of stainless steel (material no. 1.4301).

Special versions:
Other diameters on request.

Colour/surface Surface-code
Rough state * -0.0
Barrel polished * -1.0
High-gloss polished * -1.1
Vibratory ground, dull finished
and technically anodized
* -2.0
Polished and anodized * -2.1
Powder-coatings * -3-RAL…


Angle connector 90°, 2-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5045 Request

Angle joint connector, 1-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5114 Request

Corner connector 90°, 1-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5042 Request

Cross-joint connector, 2-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5041 Request

Cross-joint connector, 1-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5022a Request

Ground bearing, 1-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5043 Request

T-connector, 2-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5040 Request

T-joint connector, 1-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5021a Request

Wall bearing, 1-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5044 Request

Wall bearing, 1-shell

Bestell-Nr.: RV-5044a Request

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