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Fences for industrial plants must fulfil many purposes. Safety is a top priority. Our yellow safety fences provide protection for operators during running processes. In combination with our function handles or pushbutton housings and coupled tumblers, processes can be interrupted or stopped using the emergency stop switches or emergency stop buttons. Operators can now safely enter the safety area, set up and load machines or eliminate faults. Particularly in the field of automation and when using robotics and robotic technology, ensuring operator safety is essential. We would be pleased to implement a safety fence for individual machines or entire safety areas for you. 

Combine the safety installation with our handles with functional and switching elements or, in short, our functional handles and button housings. 

The  safety fence system SZ was developed with the aim of meeting the new needs of companies in terms of staff safety. The system complies with the new European guidlines ISO 13857.

A quick and effortless installation, even on uneven floors is possible with little staff.

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