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Brief Specialist Information For the designer in mechanical engineering and precision mechanics, but also for the interested professional buyer, knowledge of the physical relations involved in galvanization is of great use. Fig. 1: Setup of a Galvani…

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Brief Specialist Information Rohde already has a nearly 60-year tradition of surface treatment on high-quality precision goods made of aluminium and its alloys. Here, anodizing with or without dyeing is by far the most popular form of protection agai…

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Sert Eloksal

Hard-Coat designates a procedure in which the surface of aluminium articles is provided with a protective layer by electro-chemical processes. It is an option to the regular anodizing process, which is used for a variety of parts made of aluminium.

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Paslanmaz çelik ürünlerinin elektriksel parlatılması

With this material erosive, electrolytical process unevenness on the surface of the metal can be levelled out and sharp edges deburred;

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Alüminyum yapı parçalarının temiz parlatılması

Machined mechanical components, which have to be assembled under clean-room conditions must be free of surface impurities.

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Alüminyum konversiyon katmanları

This process concerns about a replacement fort the transparent resp. yellow chromating.

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Küçük miktarlar – Münferit işleme

Small series and/or individual parts for which an electroplating finish is not possible in automatic machinery or is too elaborate are processed on manually operated machineries in the Rohde factory in Göttingen, where there is equipment for bulk goods and also for individual processing of ”rack-items” available.

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Zımparalama, fırçalama ve parlatma

Even today, mechanical pre-treatment such as the above necessitates a high degree of manual work, depending on the articles and quantities involved; expertise is the most important prerequisite.

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Cam bilye ve çelik çakıl püskürtme işlemi

Blasting is one of the most important processes to produce even dull-finished or satin- finished surfaces before electroplating or anodizing. Here, glass-ball blasting with ball diameters of approx.

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Titreşimli parlatma (tamburda parlatma)

One of the most customary processes to deburr and/or precision-grind the surfaces of loose bulk items and machine components is vibratory grinding.

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