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16th building phase: January 2021


16th building phase: September 2020
16th building phase: July 2020
16th building phase: June 2020


16th building phase: December 2019
16th building phase: November 2019
16th building phase: October 2019


16th building phase: December 2018 - the walls of the new production hall are being raised
16th building phase: November 2018 - the foundation of the new production hall has been laid
16th building phase: October 2018 - Expansion of the company premises - a new production hall is being built in which an electroplating plant will be set up


3-axis machining center
3-axis machining center


Bending machine processing size: 6mm-12mm
3-axis milling machine processing size: X= 650mm , Y= 520mm , Z= 475mm
Lathe with bar feeder processing size: 5mm-20mm
3D measuring machine
15th building phase: Metalworking


14th building phase: Outbuilding for the anodising area for temporary storage of bulky goods and for charging and discharging of trucks


Technical centre of the cogeneration plant
Operation of a cogeneration plant


11th building phase: Start of operations at logistics centre for industrial handles, November 2009
11th building phase: 3.200m² building completed, August 2009
12th building phase: 2.100m² new electroplating building, December 2009
11th building phase: Start of operations at new hard anodizing plant for profile sections and precision articles, July 2009
12th building phase: 2.100m² commissioning galvanic automat
Building expansion for charging and discharging of trucks


Double belt sanding machine with vacuum-clamping system
Renewal of the service car pool
10th building phase: Building expansion with new warehouse for profile sections up to 6 m long


Early memorial for Günter Rohde – street in the Nörten-Hardenberg industrial zone named after the entrepreneur.
New 4-axis processing centre traffic ways 2000 x 500 mm
Short lathes for precise turned parts up to Ø 26 mm
Profile machining centre maximum processing dimensions 150 x 150 x 4800 mm
Automatic sawing machine for mitre cuts, maximum processing size 250 x 170 x 6000 mm
5-axis machining centre maximum treatment sizes: rotary table 780 x 800 x 600 mm fixed table 925 x 800 x 600 mm


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