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Aluminium Conversion Coatings

Housing for the communication technology, pickled and yellow conversion coated

This process concerns about a replacement fort the transparent resp. yellow chromating. For constriction of the assignment of certain hazardous matters in electro- and electronical devices the European Parliament has decided in its guideline 2002/95 EG and in the addition of 27.01.2003, that chrome- and chrome VI-containing protective coatings must not be implemented for this anymore.

The new invented protective coatings, listed aside assure an excellent corrosion protection and a very good wash primer for a subsequent coating.

Depending on the aluminium alloy, glossy and matte coatings will be reached, because in particular, latter are more grip-sensitive as chromated coating, the use of gloves at further processes is recommended.

Maximum workable size of item in mm
  Length Width Height
Aluminium passivation
(transparent and yellow)
1300 350 700


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