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Grinding, Brushing and Polishing

View into the grinding workshop for manually treated items

Even today, mechanical pre-treatment such as the above necessitates a high degree of manual work, depending on the articles and quantities involved; expertise is the most important prerequisite.

Whereas this processing serves in steel, aluminium and nonferrous metals predominantly as a preparation for subsequent surface plating, it is often the final stage of processing in stainless-steel products. However, as in the housing part illustrated opposite, it can also serve as a preparatory stage for subsequent electropolishing.

Over the past years, the development of robotics allowed cost-effective, automatic grinding, brushing and polishing of large series of the most diverse parts. An example here is aluminium stirrup-shaped handles from our production range of “Industrial Handles”.

As in the past, the vast majority of all customer articles require manual work on a variety of machines for processes such as this.


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