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Glass Ball and Steel-Grit Blasting

View into the blasting cabin of an automatic glass-ball blasting machine; aluminium handles in continuous blasting

Blasting is one of the most important processes to produce even dull-finished or satin- finished surfaces before electroplating or anodizing. Here, glass-ball blasting with ball diameters of approx. 70-100 µm is the most frequently used process for decorative aluminium surfaces. Depending on the requirements and purpose, it is suitable also for steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metal.

In particular, camera housing and objective rings and also stainless-steel products and aluminium handles, such as those illustrated here, acquire their attractive appearance in this process.

Apart from glass-ball blasting in a continuous operation and by means of automatic rotary tables and manual installations we also offer steel-grit blasting in the automatic centrifugal jet machinery as pre-treatment for scaled or welded steel parts and castings.

Maximum workable size of item in mm
  Length Width Height
Glass-ball blasting in
continuous process
2500 250 200
Glass-ball blasting in
manual operation
800 250 400
Glass-ball blasting in
automatic turntable machine
Ø230 450
Glass-ball blasting in
Satellite blasting machine
Ø200 400
Steel-grit blasting in
centrifugal jet machine
Ø800 300


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