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Mały podręcznik

Rohde already has a nearly 60-year tradition of surface treatment on high-quality precision goods made of aluminium and its alloys. Here, anodizing with or without dyeing is by far the most popular form of protection against corrosion.

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Artykuły precyzyjne dla przemysłu optycznego

Basically, the colour anodizing on parts of this kind and of the types on the following pages 32-36 is used in manually-operated machineries.

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Artykuły precyzyjne dla techniki ortopedycznej

As already highlighted on the reverse side, these articles can only be processed to a high quality on manually-operated machinery, too.

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Elementy dla wirówek laboratoryjnych

Components of this kind in a wide variety of versions rank among the most precise and expensive individual parts in a centrifuge.

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Ciężkie elementy sypkie

Small bulk goods of aluminium, which are not stackable (e.g. rivets, screws, lathe-cut parts) can be anodized as "loose goods” in a similar manner like at barrel galvanizing.

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Małe elementy wieloseryjne

As far as it is technically possible or justifiable, articles like the aluminium stampings illustrated here can be anodized in large quantities simultaneously.

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Profile wytłaczane, Elementy konstrukcyjne i fasadowe

For quality reasons, anodized aluminium sections, pre-treated by grinding, brushing or polishing, are still used today, especially in interior finishing work. Due to the diverse shapes of these sections, a lot of manual work requiring specialist experience is involved.

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Anodyzacja tytanowa

The electrolytic production of an oxide layer on titanium and titanium alloys is done in accordance with the international standard for aerospace (Specification LN 29747).

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