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Vibratory Grinding

Container for vibratory grinding of large items

One of the most customary processes to deburr and/or precision-grind the surfaces of loose bulk items and machine components is vibratory grinding.

Here the parts to be processed move in spiral fashion in a mixture of abrasives and patented watery abrasive solutions in round machines (s. fig.) or rotate in vats (depending on the size). A large number of different abrasives offer a wide range of applications. The processing times vary here from approx. 1-8 hrs. or more depending on the requirement and material.

Maximum workable size of item
Vibratory grinding in
circular machines
ca. Ø100 x 280 mm
ca. Ø280 x 100 mm
Vibratory grinding in
vat machines
ca. Ø400 x 1000 mm

* according to material and geometrical form


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