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Como especialista en mangos industriales, Rohde AG ofrece uno de los surtidos más grandes del mundo de productos estándar en este campo y es un socio competente para productos a medida y hechos a medida de la más alta calidad.


"Calidad para la industria" es característica de todo el programa de servicio y producción de ROHDE AG.

La combinación de producción mecánica económicamente ventajosa y décadas de experiencia en tecnología de superficie no solo hace posible un programa estándar diversificado en las áreas individuales, sino también un alto nivel de flexibilidad para satisfacer las necesidades individuales de los clientes.

A secure grip is our business. Rohde industrial handles are produced in Nörten-Hardenberg for the whole world. Our extensive and innovative range is constantly being expanded with new models made of high-quality materials. We rely on high-strength stainless steel, aluminium, PA6 plastic as well as high-quality steel for production. Depending on your requirements, our portfolio offers handles for use in industrial plants, automation, the food industry, mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering or special machine construction and many other manufacturing areas. You will also find handles for use at sea in our portfolio.

With our functional handles, we show you that a handle can be much more than a device for gripping. Operating, controlling and reading information - all this is possible with the handles and housings of the FG and TG series. Let your workers interact with your equipment. Safety is extremely important in everyday work. That is why our FG functional handles and TG pushbutton housings can be integrated with emergency stop switches or emergency stop buttons.

Plastic handles from Rohde offer you as a user robust safety. Antistatic ESD handles made of electrostatically dissipative plastics are dissipative and help to restore the electrical balance between two objects.

Stainless steel handles from Rohde are made of quality stainless steel and meet the highest standards of strength and safety. As a hygienic material, stainless steel is the right choice in many areas with purity requirements.

Aluminium handles from Rohde offer you a variety of surface finishes to suit your application. As experts in surface technology in the anodising and galvanising sector, we can draw on over 90 years of tradition and experience. From simple, low-cost treatments to highly demanding techniques, we can apply these to your items on our systems.


As a specialist in industrial handles, Rhode AG offers one of the world's largest assortments of standard products in this field and is a competent partner for custom-made and made to measure products of the highest quality.

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